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Are You or a Loved One Battling Cancer?

Discover the Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Cancer treatment can be a challenging journey filled with physical and emotional obstacles. At our clinic, we offer a supportive, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment that complements your existing cancer therapies: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and cancer in Virginia Beach. This innovative therapy can help accelerate healing, reduce side effects, and improve your overall quality of life.

Why Choose HBOT?

Accelerate Healing

HBOT enhances the body’s natural healing process by delivering more oxygen to damaged tissues. This can speed up recovery from radiation therapy and other cancer treatments.

Reduce Side Effects

Suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation? HBOT helps mitigate these effects, including tissue damage and inflammation, providing much-needed relief.

Boost Immunity

HBOT strengthens your immune system, helping your body fight infections more effectively and maintain overall health during treatment.

Improve Quality of Life

Patients undergoing HBOT often report reduced pain, increased energy levels, and an overall improvement in their well-being, allowing them to live life more fully.


In Virginia Beach, Hyperbaric Health offers HBOT services, equipped with state-of-the-art Hyperbaric Chambers and staffed by experienced hyperbaric professionals. Our facility adheres to stringent safety protocols and provides personalized therapy plans tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

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Why Choose Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

✅ Accelerated Healing
✅ Athletic Recovery
✅ Alzheimer’s Disease
✅ Anti-Aging
✅ Autism
✅ Bone Disorders Injuries
✅ Cancer
✅ Cerebral Palsy
✅ Compromised Grafts And Flaps
✅ Dementia
✅ Eczema /Psoriasis
✅ Hearing Loss
✅ Lyme Disease
✅ Neuropathy
✅ Migraines & Headaches
✅ Multiple Sclerosis
✅ Radiation Necrosis
✅ Stroke Recovery

Learn about our frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Q: What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?

A: HBOT is a therapy where a patient breathes 100% pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber, which increases the oxygen level in the body’s tissues and promotes healing.

Q: How does HBOT work?

A: Breathing oxygen under increased pressure allows oxygen to dissolve more effectively in the bloodstream, leading to higher oxygen concentrations in tissues, which can accelerate healing and fight infections.

Q: Is it covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover many of these treatments. However, we do offer Care credit.

Q: How much does HBOT cost in Virginia Beach?

Hyperbaric Health strives to provide affordable mHBOT from $139 and up per session, depending on time, pressure, and prescription.

Q: What conditions does HBOT treat?

A: HBOT is a therapy to treat a range of conditions, Anti-Aging, Autism, Cancers, PTSD, Stroke, TBI, non-healing wounds, Parkinsons, Dementia, diabetic foot ulcers, radiation injury, and more.

Q: How long does a typical HBOT session last?

A: Sessions ( sometimes referred to as dives), typically last around 80 – 90 minutes, and the total number of sessions can vary depending on the condition being treated and its severity.

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Jeff Deshaies
Jeff Deshaies
From the moment you walk into this location, they really are wonderful and really want to help you and explain everything in detail to put your mind at ease. The Staff is outstanding top-notch. It is a beautiful family environment there I would recommend this to my family , friends neighbors workmates clients you will not be disappointed. Please make it a point to call or visit them and they will give you everything you need to know
Marianne Crisp
Marianne Crisp
This service HBOT has been a game changer for my health and well being. Great customer service and the atmosphere is awesome! I appreciate all the attentiveness after every session. Definitely recommend this place to family and friends!
Thomas Bradshaw Fine Art
Thomas Bradshaw Fine Art
Scott is super knowledgeable in the field, impressed with the facility and equipment, excited to have this in Va beach, looking fwd to another session.
j fahmy
j fahmy
Looking into Natural Healing and I found Red Light Therapy, and within the first two weeks I'm very satisfied with the progress, can't wait to see how the HBOT sessions can speed my recovery.
Dan Snow
Dan Snow
Just met with Scott and got a session. He explained things to me no one ever did which is why I went with Hyperbaric Health. I'm feeling great.
Michelle Phillips
Michelle Phillips
I’ve had 2 sessions so far and I’m very impressed with the staff, facility and high tech equipment. You need a prescription for oxygen (who knew the FDA considers oxygen a controlled substance). They set me up with a tele health appointment the same day. I’ve been in pain since a car accident in 1999 and this is the first natural, non-invasive treatment I’ve ever been introduced to. From what I’ve read, 20-40 sessions can heal the cause of my daily pain. I did have to clear my ears a lot while going under and ascending from pressure, but otherwise, all you have to do is breathe. I’m super excited that we have this available in Virginia Beach now.