Preparing for your visit to Hyperbaric Health

Guidelines for Preparing

When Preparing for your visit, we provide the following recommendations to ensure a seamless and comfortable experience:

  1. Dressing Room and Personal Locker: Each patient will have access to a designated dressing room along with a personal locker to securely store their clothing, purse/wallet, and personal belongings during the treatment process.
  2. Gown Provision: Upon arrival, a freshly laundered gown will be provided for your use. We kindly request that undergarments be made of 100% cotton material. Please note that street clothes, including items with metal straps, underwire, or zippers, should not be worn inside the chamber.
  3. Timely Arrival: To facilitate a smooth transition, we recommend arriving 15-20 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time. This will allow ample time for changing into the provided gown.
  4. Medication Information: It is essential to inform our technicians of any medications you are currently taking or any recent changes or additions to your medication regimen.
  5. Chamber Protocol: Kindly refrain from bringing personal items into the chambers. Each chamber is equipped with a television for your entertainment. Additionally, satellite capabilities and iPod connectivity are available for those who wish to enjoy their own entertainment.
  6. Personal Items: Prior to entering the chamber, please remove dentures and hearing devices to ensure a comfortable experience.
  7. Dental Health: All dental work, including root canals and temporary caps, should be completed prior to the procedure. If you have any queries, our team can assist in coordinating with your dentist.
  8. Implanted Devices: Should you have implanted medical devices, such as pacemakers, please be aware that they must be compatible with the pressurized environment. We will communicate with the device manufacturer to ascertain compatibility.
  9. Personal Products: Refrain from using deodorant or alcohol-based products before treatment. If you anticipate needing deodorant, we offer washcloths for your convenience before entering the chamber.
  10. Petroleum-Based Products: We kindly request that no petroleum-based products, such as Vaseline or Neosporin, be used in the chamber. Should you be uncertain about a product’s composition, please notify your technician.
  11. Cosmetic Products: Prior to your appointment, avoid using body lotions, lipstick, nail polish, and hair products like hairspray, oil, or gel. If you have recently had acrylic or gel nail treatments, we suggest scheduling appointments on Fridays after treatment to allow sufficient drying time over the weekend (approximately 2 days).
  12. Smoking: Smokers are advised to abstain from smoking for a minimum of two hours before and after treatment. Smoking can constrict blood vessels and impede the body’s oxygen transport capacity.
  13. Chamber Privacy: To ensure privacy, we request that no visitors accompany patients into the chamber room, with the exception of a parent accompanying their child.
  14. Dietary Precautions: Starting four hours prior to therapy, please avoid consuming carbonated drinks, alcohol, or coffee.
  15. Appointment Etiquette: If you anticipate being unable to attend your scheduled appointment, we kindly ask for a 24-hour advance notice to reschedule. This helps us manage appointments effectively and ensures your treatment plan remains on track.

We appreciate your trust in Hyperbaric Health and are privileged to contribute to your healing journey.