Session Information

Call or come by for a consultation
We want to know what your needs and desires are for Health and Wellness. Some people are facing life threatening issues. Others want to build their immune systems. Athletes want that extra competitive edge and the most rapid return to peak condition after extreme training or events. And some people just want to have a treatment, because it is like having a mini-vacation, when an actual vacation may be months away.

We have a waiver for you to sign, and a brief questionnaire located on our website here. There are a small number of things that would keep a person from receiving therapy. We will go over these during the consultation. Such as a punctured ear drum or serious ear issues, lung issues or wearing a pacemaker.

Oxygen is a drug and we are required to have a prescription on file. Generally, the prescription is good for one year. Our medical staff can provide as they are familiar with HBOT and many doc’s are not.

Treatment Time
A Treatment takes 1-2 hours. Unlike some clinics, our fees are based only on the time you spend at Target Pressure. It usually takes 10-20 minutes to get to Target Pressure and another 10-20 minutes to return to sea level. The average basic session runs 90 minutes.

Eating and Drinking
It is fine to eat or drink before you come, but we ask you to limit it to smaller amounts. It is recommended to make sure its 2 hours before you session.

Just before your treatment begins, we will suggest a visit to the restroom, so that you can remain relaxed the entire time.

Scrubs and Safety
Because safety is a primary concern, we will ask you to exchange your clothing for a set of 100% Cotton Scrubs, which we provide. Because you are breathing Concentrated Oxygen, we adhere strictly to a special safety code. We ask you to wear only the items we give you. There is a dressing room with baskets for clothing and personal items. For security, we ask you to leave valuables at home.

Ears and Pressure
Next, we will make sure that you are familiar with procedures for clearing your ears of pressure. As a rule, anyone who can fly in an airplane can receive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Each person will receive his/her own oxygen mask which we label, clean and store for you after each treatment.

Claustrophobia, Communication and Comfort
We welcome questions. One of the most common questions is about Claustrophobia. Several factors make it much easier to take an oxygen treatment than it is to take a CT scan or an MRI. It’s like being in a car, there is always air in the chamber and a technician. Your never alone.

First, the chambers are clear or have windows, roomy and comfortable.

Second, it is not necessary to lie still in the chamber, and it is not required to lie on your back. You can change positions. Most people read or take a nap. Third, we are also able to attach your audio device to the outside of the chamber with a special cable. You cannot receive phone calls, use any electronic devices which is actually a great benefit to many people. But if it is necessary for you to communicate with someone during your treatment, the chamber operator can relay the messages between you and your caller via the 2-way communication equipment in each chamber. Fourth, our team is certified operators, technicians and safety pros.

Pressurization and De-pressurization
Once the door/zipper is closed and the chamber is turned on, you will hear the sound of air moving in the chamber. Also, you will hear oxygen flowing through your mask. Within a few moments, you will begin to feel a small amount of pressure in your ears. This is the time to begin clearing your ears. If you clear them every time you begin to feel the pressure change, you will have the best possible experience. If you have an issue with clearing them, we will stop until they are clear, and then we will go to the next setting at a rate that is best for each client. We will follow that same procedure when you are ready to return to surface pressure. We call the treatments “dives” because there are several similarities to scuba diving.

Good News! No sand and no sharks! As soon as the chamber is de-pressurized, we will open the door/zipper and help you out.

After Treatment
How you feel over the next few hours and days will often depend on the condition you are treating. This is something we will cover with you during the initial consultation.

Also, it is important for us to know that you are receiving the very best benefit possible. Each individual will receive the treatment pressure and time necessary to produce the greatest amount of improvement available in that session. The number of sessions and the frequency are determined by what you tell us about your wellness goals or about your condition and your symptoms. We have the clinic phone with us at all times, and we encourage you to call us with any question at any time.

Adjunct Therapy
At Hyperbaric Health, we are delighted when we can include your physician, nurse or physician’s assistant in this part of your healing plan. More and more doctors are aware of the benefits of oxygen therapy – not just for the conditions that hospitals already treat with HBOT – but also for the dozens of other conditions that are currently being treated at hospitals and clinics around the world.