2.0 ATA Hard Shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

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Hyperbaric Health’s state-of-the-art Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are available for doctors and patients. With cutting edge technology our chambers can be operated solo or with supervision.

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Introducing our exhilarating 2.0 ATA Hard Shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in a 30″ and 34″ – cutting-edge therapeutic experience like no other! Step into a world of advanced features and unparalleled comfort designed for practitioners and home users seeking the pinnacle of hyperbaric therapy.

The chamber is made of 304 stainless steel, which is firm and reliable. HH1886 hard-type hyperbaric chamber has a length of 93 inches a diameter of 34 inches, and three large transparent windows, allowing users to experience a luxurious and comfortable hyperbaric oxygen treatment experience without restraint. At the same time, Hyperbaric Health’s hyperbaric chamber can provide a higher pressure of up to 2.0 ATA. Higher pressure has a better curative effect. 2.0 ATA is available now.

Chambers are available in a variety of colors with accent colors.

Picture this: a spacious 30″ or 34″ diameter chamber crafted from thick 304-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability that stands the test of time. The expansive sliding glass door beckons you into a realm where claustrophobia is a thing of the past. Unlike other high-end hyperbaric systems, ours eliminates the need for special venting, making it both safe and easy to operate.


Embrace the future of hyperbaric therapy with our internal control panel, allowing single-user operation. No more cumbersome oxygen tanks – our system is not only safer but also boasts higher pressurization capabilities. Power it up, step inside, and with a press of a button, immerse yourself in therapeutic bliss. This isn’t just a chamber; it’s an environment designed for everyday and all-day usage, offering luxury and roominess that clients of all sizes will adore.


But wait, there’s more! Financing options abound, ensuring that this revolutionary hyperbaric chamber is within reach for everyone. Call us at 1-757-770-1005 for inquiries, and explore flexible financing programs tailored to your needs.

Now, let’s talk about the powerhouse – Our 34 Inch Hard Chamber fits through most doorways without construction. Versatility meets innovation, providing pressure options of 1.5 ATA or 2.0 ATA. The Air/Oxygen/Dehumidifying/Anion/Cooling system offers a seamless all-in-one solution, with progressive controls for pressure selection in increments of 10 KPA.

This isn’t just a hyperbaric chamber; it’s a comprehensive experience. The interior boasts an array of features, including digital display controls, air pressure systems, and a timer for automatic programming. The expansion port allows for future upgrades, and our negative ionization system adds a touch of beach-like freshness to your sessions.

Concerned about space and installation costs? Fear not! Our hard-shell chamber is compact, easy to operate, and cost-effective. It includes everything you need for a smooth operation, from an internal control panel to oxygen breathing accessories.

But we’re not done yet. International sales are welcome, with systems tailored to your voltage and plug requirements.

For patients, practitioners, and even pets – our hyperbaric chamber caters to all. An ergonomic control station, dim interior light for relaxation, and options for doctor-specific add-ons make this chamber a game-changer.

Safety is our priority. With emergency and preventative measures like gradual pressurization, alarm systems, and a unique sliding door for easy entry and exit, you can indulge in hyperbaric therapy with peace of mind. And let’s not forget the warranty – a generous 36-month coverage for materials and workmanship.

Immerse yourself in the future of hyperbaric therapy. This isn’t just a chamber; it’s a journey toward wellness, comfort, and unparalleled therapeutic bliss.

What’s Included-

Get ready for a bundle of excitement with our jaw-dropping Free Inclusions! We’re not just offering a hyperbaric chamber; we’re delivering an entire experience tailored to thrill our customers from day one.

Brace yourself for the ultimate control with the Internal Control Panel, enabling solo operation right from inside the unit – it’s a game-changer!

️ Glide into relaxation with the Easy-Slide Large Polycarbonate Cabin Door – pressure-activated and featuring an automatic release upon de-pressurization. Seamless access has never been this exhilarating!

The Automatic Air Pressure System ensures a sealed door by pressure, keeping your experience hassle-free and airtight.

  Automatic disinfection and deodorization system

Behold the All-In-One-Machine extravaganza! We’re talking a 10 Liter/minute Oxygen Generator, Dehumidifier, and Air Compressor – all bundled up for your convenience.

Keep tabs on your hyperbaric adventure with the Digital Display and Control Systems. From interior Pressure to Air Temperature, Humidity, and Percent Oxygenation – it’s all at your fingertips!

Double the fun with Interior and Exterior Pressure Gauges, giving you real-time insights into your hyperbaric journey.

⏰ Set it and forget it with the Timer on Digital Control, allowing automatic programming of session time. It’s like having a personal hyperbaric concierge!

Stay connected with the Communication Interphone, complete with attendant alerting – because your hyperbaric journey deserves VIP treatment!

⚡ Ground yourself with the Grounding Mat, ensuring a static-free session that’s as electrifying as it is therapeutic.

Dive into the ultimate audio experience with Oxygen Breathing Headsets, Nasal Cannulas, and Face Masks, enabling treatment at a whopping 95% oxygen – it’s a breath of fresh air!

Expand your horizons with the Expansion Port, ready for secondary devices or future upgrades of alternative devices – because the possibilities are limitless!

Immerse yourself in the Negative Ion Unit, an absolute game-changer! Picture the relaxing benefits of fresh air, akin to a beach retreat. Experience pure oxygen infused with negative ions, promoting your body’s self-renewal process and supercharging the vitality of your immune cells!

Get ready to embark on an electrifying hyperbaric journey where every detail is designed to thrill, surprise, and leave you breathless with excitement!


Model HH-1886


Pressure 1.5ATA-2.0ATA
Material 304 Stainless steel +Polycarbonate Engineering Plastic
Diameter*Length(D*L) 750*2320mm(30″ x 92”)
Weight 515Lbs
Color White/OEM Available
All in One Machine Size/Weight 30″xl4″x29″ 242.5 Lbs.
Flow of Air 85 L/min
Flow of Oxygen 5/10Liter/min
Air Filter Dual
Cooler Cooler system
Oxygen Purity 90%-97%
Description All-in-one machine, a combination of air compressor, oxygen concentrator, cooler, and anion (negative ion system).


All-in-One Unit – Oil free system – EN ISO 2100:2010, EN 3024-1:2018, EN 1012-1:2010, EN IEC 61000-6 2:2019, EN IEC 61000-4 2:2019, EN IEC 61000-3 2:2019, EN IEC 61000-4 2:2013+a12019

Chamber Certificates – ENISO 1200:2010, EN 60335-1:2012+A14:2019, EN 62233:2008, EN 55014-1:2017 +A11:2020, EN 55014-2:2015, EN IEC 61000-3-3:2013+A1:2019


When you buy a Hyperbaric Chamber from Hyperbaric Health, you need to be trained. As oxygen toxicity occurs with 2.0 ATA chambers. We train and install chambers! So you don’t get hurt. You will receive a certifications and the appropriate understanding to successfully operate your chamber.

Shipping & Tax:

Shipping & taxes are calculated at time of invoice. Installation & online training is included in most packages.

How Oxygen Works to Repair our Bodies 

Oxygen takes center stage as the ultimate electron acceptor in the Electron Transport Chain, the powerhouse where ATP, the energy currency of our body, is generated. This vital process is known as aerobic respiration, defining how our cells “breathe.” Beyond being essential to life, oxygen’s impact on every cell in the human body is what makes it an absolute necessity. It plays a pivotal role in the function of our brain, organs, and all tissues, ensuring the production of energy.

Without oxygen, the intricate dance of cellular processes grinds to a halt, leaving us unable to generate the energy needed for optimal brain and bodily function. The more efficiently we can deliver oxygen to our tissues, the greater our sense of vitality, energy, and mental well-being. Oxygen’s exceptional affinity for electrons, owing to its high electronegativity, positions it as an outstanding electron acceptor, perfectly suited for its role in this crucial process.

In essence, oxygen serves as the catalyst for ATP production, fueling the entirety of our cellular processes and supporting the normal function of our body and brain – from organs to bones, joints, muscles, and beyond. It’s not just a breath of life; it’s the key to a vibrant, energized, and mentally sound existence.

Additional information

Weight 787 lbs

White chamber


Grey Color


Stainless color